Expected results

  • Set up advertising on social networks
    You will learn to set up and run ads on Facebook and Instagram. Parse each button in Ads Manager.
  • Develop a sales funnel
    You will learn how to properly build a sales funnel and learn how to form creatives for its various stages.
  • Collect analytics
    You will learn how to analyze advertising campaigns in Facebook Analytics and measure their effectiveness.
  • Work with Facebook Pixel
    You will learn how to install Facebook Pixel and test its functionality.

Learning steps

Studying the topic

The course includes practice chat for participants.

Completing the tasks

At the pace that suits you.

Working with a mentor

Consolidate knowledge and correct mistakes.

Final discussion

Reinforce new skills with the group.

  • Module 1. Introduction to Targeting (6 hours)
  • Module 2. Analysis and Engagement (12 hours)
  • Module 3. Launching Facebook and Instagram Ads (8 hours)
  • Module 4. Launching Ads in MyTarget (6 hours)

Key topics of the webinars


  • What are Facebook and Instagram. How their algorithms work to make the most of every ad.
  • Creation of audiences by interests, geolocation and other criteria to get leads of the desired quality.
  • What to write in an ad copy about, and what to show in a creative to increase the likelihood of a link click.

Tools examples

Visual content

Communication is the foundation of our success

You will delve into the intricacies, learn tricks and techniques used by experts with thousands of turnovers, focus on the right actions leading to profits, without wasting budgets and time on meaningless tests.

Choose a «transport», which will take you from an idea to a ready-to-use marketing machine

Now you have the opportunity to ask any questions concerning the structure of webinars and the timetable.

Q&A session

What are the next steps?

  • Information concerning the modules and webinars was sent to your email addresses.
  • Time and day of the next live webinar is subject to change. Please, check your email to get the most recent updates.
  • In case of any additional questions to the lecturer Tetiana Gurieva please do not hesitate to write on the official email of the company.